You May Know My Name, But Do You Know My Story?

Equivalent Exchange... The law of alchemy... And the law of the world. I am FullMetal Alchemist, Edward Elric. You might even know me as the Military's Short Dog... But I'm NOT short!!

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There is a chance this blog will go into a hiatus at any time. Please do not get mad at Edmun for this, he does all he can for all of you and life is hard. Thank you for understanding.

Feb 25


//Hey everyone, along with my return, I’ve updated my About Mun page. I’d really appreciate it if you read it because then you’ll kind of understand if I ever just go missing sometimes. Thank you!




"Well do the duties that are meant of a state alchemist… meet new people… and hep you out of course" she said as she tilted her head to the side.

He chuckled and gave her a tiny smile. “Yeah? Heh. I don’t need help, you don’t have to worry about me.”

musiccat101 said: Hi, it is me, the little lioness girl. I'm back in to my human body.

"Oh, I see. Was it a curse from those grey-whatevers that’ve been around lately?" Edward asked, a curious look in his eyes.




Winry nodded and smiled “of course” she smiled taking the plate from her husband. She couldn’t believe that he was finally her husband…it was happening. No it’s happened..the smile and the little blush would not wipe off her face.

Edward gave her a gentle smile and turned to cut cake for others and then finally himself. He walked with her to a table and sat beside his wife. “So, Winry… Now that we’re married… How do you think a family sounds? I know it’s sudden, but I’m just curious what you think, y’know?”


A well needed apology for my sudden and very long absence. I am so very sorry that I’ve not been on for the past month or so. My computer broke, I became very ill, recovered, got a new computer, lost my passwords for all of my accounts and today I took a gander at what my password would be and voila! Here I am. I will be returning to the usual replies, starters, and questions. I’m so sorry, and I hope you’ll forgive me.

Jan 8




"Cake would be nice" she agreed and held his hand walking toward the party thy held old friends, military personal who came to visit.

Before cutting the cake, Ed shook his free hand with some people who’d come, thanking them and accepting their words of congrats. After a bit of that, he turned and told some friends that he was going to cut the cake now.
Taking the knife, he did so and passed a piece to everyone who wanted one. He took a slice for himself and handed a plate of cake to Winry. “Want any?”




"I see" she said with a little chuckle as she leaned back in the chair a bit. This boy… He was kind of like a prodigy… She thought to herself.

Edward looked to the floor for a moment then back up at the young girl. “So, ” he started, “what’re you gonna do, now that you’re a State Alchemist?”

Jan 7


"Well now…" Pushing his glasses more securely up the bridge of his nose, the alchemist doesn’t bother to hide the bemused grin on his face.


"It’s been quite a while, hasn’t it, Edward?”

Edward narrowed his eyes on the elder psycho. “You. I wish I’d never saw you again!”

@moiralennox said: {I’m so sorry all of that happened! I hope things improve for you and your family!}

//Thank you, that means an awful lot to me. I appreciate your words, and we are doing well for the time being. Thank you for your concern uwu

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